Brigid Mbatha

Brigid Mbatha born July 24, 2007. Brigid is the 3rd born in her family of three. Her mother Margaret Nduku was married and latter was divorced by Brigid’s father. He then married another wife. The situation then became tough for her poor mother who was jobless with three siblings to love and care for them. Brigid’s mother looked for a job in Cana Rescue Center and became the house-mother of the girls in the group home. Brigid was very sickly before coming to Cana so it is a blessing that she was able to be there and receive care. Brigid came when she was 3 ½ years old. Margaret decided to bring the issue of her other children to the director of Cana concerning how the kids were undergoing a tough situation in a rural area. They were not able to live with her at Cana as they are boys and she didn’t have the money to support them where they were staying. Therefore Brigid needed a sponsor as her mother makes very little money while trying to sustain three children on a tiny income.