Rose Mwelu

Rose Mwelu was born December 31, 2007 and is a destitute child raised by a single mother. Her father died of HIV/Aids related cases and T.B. Rose’s mother suffered for a very long time even before her husband died. She had to nurse Rose’s father as he was bedridden and at the same time she went house to house to seek for work, washing peoples clothes in order to get some little money to feed her family. Rose performed poorly at school since many are the times she never attended school due to lack of tuition money and had no school uniform. Rose used to wear torn clothes and also she was malnourished. Sometimes her mother came home with no money or food since it’s not always everyday for her to get work. Church members used to help them with food and some little money to pay rent as they used to sleep outside when their landlord sent them away for not paying rent. One of the neighbors decided to help out and took Rose to Cana and told Mrs. Mambo how the child needs help and even medication.

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