2018 Update

“Bwana Asafiwe” (Praise the Lord).  John and I and the rest of the mission team will be so excited to hear this African greeting from our CFA partners in June!

This year’s team to travel on your behalf includes John and I, Karen Ohnesorge, her daughter and granddaughter, Stephynie and Whitney Velez. This trip will be the first time for them to meet the children they sponsor, and will be their first mission’s trip. We are scheduled to arrive in Kenya on June 5th, and join Rick and Terri Emerick, our CFA leadership team members in Africa.  Our plans are to spend six days in Nairobi with all the Cana girls. Travel to Uganda for an additional six days greeting and meeting the children at Kins Redeemer Home.  The team will return to the States June 20th, while John and I will enjoy 2 more weeks of family and travel.

As we prepare to pass your love and regards to your children and young adults, we are beginning to request letters and pictures from you.  I cannot overstate the thrill your children get when we pass them your letters.  Although the children love hand printed letters, if it is easier to email your letters to me, that is fine.  Pictures printed on ‘photo paper’ or printed at a photo center are easier for the children to keep neat.  Feel free to hand deliver letters and photos to any CFA Team member.

The vote is in, and the kids loved the T-shirts you were able to give in Nov. 2015. This year the total cost for a T-shirt and hat for each child is $9.50.  If you would like to send $5 or $10 toward that with your monthly support, please send this to the usual CFA address of 51105 High Meadow Dr. Granger, IN 46530.  Below you will see the new design on a blue shirt for the girls that say, ‘Getting My Worship On’. The girls will also receive a pink ‘Princess’ baseball cap! The boy’s shirts have an “I’m in God’s Army” design on their shirts and caps! They will love them!

Girsl wearing T’s from Nov.

2018 Shirts

I promise to be faithful to communicate with you all while we are there, sending photos, and capturing special projects. 

Mark your calendars for August 26th, for our CFA Celebration at Southfield Village, where we will share our adventures through videos, pictures, and life changing stories.

Asante Sana (thank you very much) for all that you go without to make a huge difference in the lives of these children. They love you deeply.

On behalf of the CFA Team,

John & Joyce Zalas

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