CFA Quarterly – August 2012

Dear friends and partners of Compassion for Africa,

We hope this update finds you well and blessed in the knowledge that Jesus loves us so much. He is alive and He takes notice of your faith and works of kindness expressed in His name to those around you. From our viewpoint, that includes the children of Compassion for Africa. We wanted to give you a short update since we have recently returned from Africa in June.  Our team spent quality time with the kids and were able to minister to so many others also.

We were a team of 16 people that had met together for five months of the year preparing for this mission. All of our team are partners with Compassion for Africa and represented seven different churches. Eight days of our trip would be with Cana Ministries and Pastors Mary and Joseph Mambo whose ministry is based within the Mukuru slums. This slum is one of the largest in Africa and the conditions are very poor. Many of the children Compassion for Africa sponsors live in the Cana Home established by Mary and Joseph. This home, the church, school and medical clinic, operated by Cana Ministries stands as an oasis amidst a sea of deep poverty and extreme need. Knowing these needs from past ministry in Mukuru, helped us focus our efforts on quality endeavors on behalf of the people.

Within our team were two doctors and a nurse so we partnered with Cana Ministries to host a 3-day medical clinic in which 500 people were served. We had carried with us 12 bags full of medicine and equipment that valued close to $100,000 that equipped the staff to treat many of the diseases confronted in the clinic. One of the doctors said that they diagnosed diseases they only heard about in medical school. Each person received medical care, practical and pampering gifts and heard the declaration of the Gospel message.  Over 20 people turned to Jesus to experience His salvation and forgiveness.

At the same time the medical clinic was occurring, some of our team were doing an expansion and upgrade to the children’s home. They were able to create a third bedroom and enlarge the living room in the Cana Home, which houses 28 girls, 10 of which are in boarding school much of the year. They also worked on bringing light to the Cana school. Through a creative use of 2 liter plastic pop bottles; they converted these bottles into the equivalent of a 60-watt bulb without the use of electricity. In fact it was so amazing that 12 men from the Cana Ministries church were commissioned to be “carriers of the light” into the slums by installing a “light” in each home.  New living room furniture was purchased and a coat of paint was applied to bare metal walls in the bedrooms.  We also had a children ministry outreach with the theme Noah’s Ark, women’s outreach, and a commissioning service unto the Lord for the girls in boarding school. Each ministry time was very powerful, full of love and God’s presence!

Jim and Susan Nelson later ventured to Jinja, Uganda to see Pastor Joseph Mulungi and the children in the KINS Redeemer Home near the source of the Nile River.  Jim and Susan were impressed with the overall quality of the ministry and care the children are receiving and their joyful attitude.

We ended our trip with a day of fun for all the kids in the Cana Home and Cana School, which totaled over 150 children. We took the kids to Roslyn Academy where Rick and Terry Emerick teach. It was a beautiful setting and such a special time for the kids who enjoyed kicking a soccer ball on a real soccer field, playing in the kid’s playground, eating a picnic lunch, watching the Lion King in the auditorium, and eating ice cream.

We spent quality time with the children, which meant so much to the kids and also to all of us on the team. We sent your love, hugs, letters and gifts and the children were delighted!

Thank you again for your partnership with CFA. Together we are truly making a difference in these kid’s lives!


God Bless you,


John and Ramona Wilson

and the Compassion For Africa Team

Jim and Susan Nelson

Rick and Terri Emerick

Humphrey and Elizabeth Muturi

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