CFA Quarterly – August 2011

Greeting Compassion For Africa Partners,


We pray that each of you is doing well and you have enjoyed your summer fully. We can all share great joy in knowing that our children at Compassion for Africa are being well cared for and growing in every way. They have all been delivered from a life of great despair. Praise God!!


Terri Emerick and Elisabeth Muturi are providing special attention to the children who are high school age and attending boarding school. Overall, the kids are doing very well.  A few of the girls were struggling in math and the ladies discovered that the girls had to share math books, which made it hard for them to study properly.  Terri & Elisabeth went to work immediately and provided more books from money that has been given to CFA. Pray for them that their math scores will increase and that the Lord will help them understand the concepts. Many thanks to our friends the Emericks and Muturis who are on the ground in Kenya and provide so much love, support and help to our precious children.


We thank God for all of you and how the needs of these children are being met in each situation. Every time a need arises someone has stepped in and met the need. We are so thankful to the Lord and to all of you. Together we are doing a great work for the Kingdom of God!

We are looking forward for the opportunities that are coming to all of us in CFA. We want to invite everyone to our CFA Annual Celebration Sunday, November 6th at 6 pm. This celebration will be held at Southgate Church and we will have lots of delicious food and media that will update you on the children, the pastors and the homes of CFA. This will be an exciting evening so please put it on your calendar now. More information will follow shortly.


We are taking a team to Africa next summer and you are invited to go with us mid July 2012.  We will have an informational meeting concerning the Africa Missions Trip on Friday, September 16th at 7 pm at Jim and Susan Nelson’s home. What an exciting opportunity to go on a missions trip, meet your child, see all the kids and pastors, go on a real safari and experience first hand the work of Compassion For Africa. It is a life changing experience! If you are interested in finding out more of the details please join us and let us know that you are coming. You can contact the Wilsons @ 5745322194 or the Nelsons @5742728455.


Don’t forget; as I told you in the last newsletter that Terri has volunteered to hand deliver any email you send to her on behalf of your child at Judah or Cana Home. Her email address is   Terri and Elisabeth Muturi go each month to celebrate the children’s birthdays so they could take your letter or card with them at that time. Sponsors who have children at KINS Redeemer Home in Uganda can email your letters to Pastor Joseph at


Kenya and Uganda are experiencing drastic increases in food prices due to famine in that region, but we are working on some new ideas to help in these situations. This makes your sponsorship even more valuable as your support helps so much to bless these kids with their needs.


Please contact us at this email address if you have any questions or call Ramona at 5745322194.


God bless you all,

Ramona Wilson

On behalf of the Compassion For Africa Leadership Team

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