CFA Quarterly – February 2013

To our wonderful Compassion for Africa Partners,

We wanted to first say thank you for your love and support toward your child through Compassion for Africa. We were able to spend time with all of the children in both of our homes in both Nairobi Kenya and Jinja Uganda last summer. A team of 16 went to minister to the kids, the caregivers and give encouragement to the pastors who so greatly care for the kids. In Mukuru slums where the Cana Children’s home is located we were able to do some great improvements to the home itself thus giving the 20 girls who live there a much better space to live. We spent  special time with the girls attending boarding school (high school) and even hosted a service in the church where they were each commissioned to live life as a godly woman. We spent alot of time with Pastors Mary and Joseph Mumbo who have sacrificed so much personally to work with the people in the slums. They were in a stage of the ministry where they needed to begin to delegate and empower some of their leaders to carry the weight of running a school, medical clinic, church and girls group home. Little did we know that great change was in the wind for the group home.

In November 2012, they were visited by the officials  equivilent to our childrens welfare department. These govenment workers have visited a number of times in the years that Mary and Joseph have operated a group home. Yet this visit in November would begin a series of meetings that has thrust the group home into a huge transition. The Children’s Department demanded that the children be moved from the home because an electric power line ran over the home. No one could believe the rational of it all, so they appealed to the head of the department who confirmed the children must move until a new facility can be secured.

By the end of Dec. 2012, all the girls in the group home had been relocated within walking range of the school. They are all attending school each day and receiving a mid morning snack and a lunch. The girls have been placed in various living situations. Six of the girls are living with Margaret, the house mother, in newly rented quarters. Two of them are living with Pastors Mary and Joseph. Four of them are currently living with families in the church.  The rest have had to go be with guardians until more families in the church can take the remaining eight girls. Mary and Joseph will be taking a portion of the $30 sponsorship money and giving it to the families who temporarily take in the girls.

Compassion for Africa gave $5000 for the purchase of a new home that was previously a small apartment complex. It is located across the street from the previous group home for girls. On Feb. 9th, we had a Skype conference with Africa that included all eight of our leadership team and Pastors Mary and Joseph. At that meeting, Compassion for Africa committed $15,000 toward the renovation of the new location for the girls. The govenment is requiring that a block building be erected in that location instead of the current sheet metal material. The total project will run between $20,000 and $25,000 and will hopefully be completed by the end of April. Mary and Joseph had some funds for the project, but only a fraction of the total needed.

Pray for the girls, the temporary guardians, Pastors Mary and Joseph and wisdom for the construction project. This has been an unexpected upheaval yet our God is able to turn it into a blessing. The realities in the slums of Nairobi are unbelievable to the American perspective. Love crosses all cultures. We know that the it is the love of the Lord expressed through the Cana Ministries and Compassion for Africa on your behalf that is making a huge difference in the lives of these girls.

Thank you for your partnership through this transition. We don’t take your trust lightly. It is a trust we hold with great care. If you have any questions you can call any of our American based leadership team. John Wilson 574-532-1751, Ramona Wilson 574-532-2194, Jim or Susan Nelson 574-272-8455

Sincerely , John Wilson on behalf of the Compassion for Africa leadership team.



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