CFA Quarterly – March 2012

Dear friends of CFA. We are deep in the midst of preparations for our CFA mission trip to Kenya and Uganda. We leave May 31st for Africa where we will be having a medical mission, women’s conference, and children’s ministry outreach as well as a special service for everyone who come through the medical clinic. It will be a power packed two weeks with some also going on a Safari. There are 16 of us on the team and we will look forward to bringing back new pictures and all the wonderful stories of our time there and with your kids. We are requesting that you would send a current picture of your family; a letter from you and a small gift that we will hand carry to your child. We pack Sat. May 19th and will need your letter and small gift by then. The children will be thrilled!!!


CFA leadership team has gone to any length to insure a high standard of ethics. The teamwork of the leadership team has been amazing. Having Rick and Terri Emrick and Humphrey and Elizabeth Muturi on the ground in Nairobi has provided immeasurable benefits. Their endless commitment has empowered the entire ministry to be much more effective. Our working relationship with Pastors Mary and Joseph Mambo over the Cana Rescue Center Home in the Mukuru slums and Pastor Joseph Mulungi in Jinja, Uganda over the KINS Redeemer Children’s Home have been exceptional. Our partnership with them on behalf of the children in these two homes remains fruitful and committed. Our relationship with Pastor Simon Mukundi has deteriorated because of his lack of integrity with CFA. There were issues of ethics that were of grave concern. We tried to resolve these issues but could not. We have lost our trust for him and all support has been discontinued as of the end of March 2012.


We greatly appreciate your commitment and faithfulness to the children of CFA. The children are doing well in school and the future looks promising for each one to qualify for boarding school at their proper time. Please don’t forget your letter, picture and small gift for your child. To see the impact of these gestures of your love, please get on our web site and watch “Why We Give” which was filmed in 2010 when we delivered your letters to the children. 


Sincerely John and Ramona Wilson and Jim and Susan Nelson

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