CFA Quarterly – November 2011

What a Night! Compassion for Africa hosted its third annual celebration around the theme “The Power of Team” on Sunday November 6th. It has truly, truly been a team effort to bless the children of Compassion for Africa. Monthly sponsors, boarding school sponsors, givers to the general boarding school fund, those who have given for upgrades in the children’s houses and other special projects make up a powerful team. We currently have 61 kids in three group homes. There are 13 attending boarding schools, which cost approximately $1200 per year per child. We all stand amazed at the resources, favor and connections God has provided on behalf of these kids.

We have articulated a clear and user -friendly vision statement for Compassion for AfricaTo birth a new future for abandoned children in East Africa. Let me tell you about one of our kids and how her future is unfolding like a flower before us. Her name is Grace and after the death of her parents she lived as a modern day Cinderella in her unemployed brother’s house with 10 other children. Her job was to care for and clean up after the other children. As Grace says it, “ I was doing all the work.” Even her basic needs were not being attended to and the degree of abuse was indescribable. She was even used in satanic ritual sacrifice and became a very tormented child. She came to Cana Children’s Home in Mukuru slums when she was 10. Pastors Mary and Joseph became her new parents and she began a new life. She emerged as a dedicated worship leader in the church and soon became the natural leader of the other girls in the group home. She went through intensive deliverance by Pastor Mary and gained her freedom from that stronghold. She is now in her second year at Steph Joy Boarding School in her sophomore year of high school. Her teachers report that she is a dedicated student and a leader among her peers. Her very appearance has changed as hope has lifted her head and filled her heart.

You can see Grace at the very end of the Compassion for Africa video entitled “Never would have dreamed” as she sends her greeting to her sponsor’s dog named Parker.  You can see that video and our wonderful new web site at  . The web site development was a gift from Jon Jones who is both a friend and partner of Compassion for Africa. This is just another example of the power of team. One life at a time, together we are seeing a new future birthed for our kids and that is worth celebrating.

Another reason to applaud the “Power of Team” is the giving totals that Jim Nelson reported at our annual celebration. CFA has been in operation for 4 ¼ years. The first 3 ¼ years we received  $88,506 in total gifts. In the last 12 months we have received $50,481. This equates to an 85% increase in the average monthly giving to CFA over the last 12 months. WOW.  When you pray for Compassion for Africa, pray for connections, resources and favor. We have seen all three from the hand of God because He believes in what we are all doing. Orphans move him and He notices when people attempt to help them in Jesus name.

If you want to join us for the CFA mission’s trip to Kenya to see the kids and the caregivers in the summer of 2012, it is not too late. The dates are May 31- June 16 with the cost approximately $3500. Call Ramona Wilson at 574-532-2194 to reserve your spot or ask questions.

We are so moved by the generosity of our team. Thank you so so much.

John Wilson on behalf of the Compassion for Africa Leadership Team

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