Why partner with Compassion for Africa?

100% of what is given to the CFA goes to the benefit of the children. In the years since it’s inception in 2007, Compassion for Africa has routed 100% of every dollar given toward sponsorships, boarding schools and standard of living upgrades toward those efforts. Any operating expenses have been paid for by the leadership team or through gifts designated for such. No one receives salaries. All gifts to Compassion for Africa are tax deductible.

You make a large impact when you partner with CFA. We are not trying to make a little difference in a nation, but a huge difference in a small number of children. Our mission is spiritual, practical and achievable – one life at a time. We are not a large corporation, but a grassroots effort. When you partner with CFA, your gifts make up a larger portion of the entire effort- and in that sense you make a bigger difference.

We are a dedicated team of Africans and Americans who are bound together by the Love of Jesus. There is a lot of good being done in this world. CFA is just one of many. Yet our motivation for why we invest in these children is because the love of Christ compels us to do so. We need other partners who desire to make a difference in the lives of children. We continue to pray for divine favor, connections and resources. We hold to this truth- “With God, all things are possible.” We will live to hear the amazing stories of our kids, as they become everything the Lord dreams for their lives. As we partner with Him, we are learning the power of compassion, which is transforming us and the lives of our kids.