Boarding Schools

In East Africa, only the privileged can afford to go to boarding school for their high school experience. Boarding schools are the quality venue for preparation to compete for the better employment opportunities in the tough East African job market. Abandoned and orphaned children can never afford boarding school costs approaching $1200 US per year. Yet our goal is to birth a new future for each of the kids. We have been challenged to treat them as we would treat our own children. We must help them prepare for the future and this includes educational opportunities they would never dream possible. Therefore CFA is committed to sending each child to boarding school who desires to attend and who can achieve appropriate test scores.

To qualify a child will take a national exam in 8th grade in Kenya or 5th grade in Uganda. The scores achieved by a student will be used to determine what level of public boarding school the student will attend. The tragedy is that there are far too many children who qualify in comparison to the number of beds available at boarding schools in East Africa. In these cases, children must seek admission into a private boarding school. Should a student not qualify for boarding school, we will assist them in admission to trade schools.

If you are interested in helping a child go to boarding school, please contact Ramona Wilson at 574.532.2194 or click here to send us your information. We will get back with you to share how you can help birth a new future for a child.