Juliet Muthike

Juliet Muthike was born February 7, 2003 and is an orphan as both parents passed away. She is a sister to Caroline Kalunde and was raised by her Aunt who has been struggling to feed her together with her siblings. Life was very tough for Juliet’s Aunt and she decided to take Juliet together with her other siblings to rural area to go live with her grandmother. Juliet never used to go to school since there were no school fees and even little money to buy exercise books. Her grandmother used to dig in other people’s farm in order to put food on the table. She grew old until she was no longer able to dig anymore. Juliet’s aunt decided to take her again even though she had no job. Once in a while their neighbors used to give them food and many are the times they went to bed with no food to eat and waking up having nothing to take for breakfast. The situation was worse as Juliet accompanied by her sister Caroline, went house to house to beg for food. Her aunt went to the area chief for help whom directed her to come to Cana Rescue Center for help.

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